How To Write A Will

What is a will?

A will is a legal document by which the person decided what happens to their money, property and possessions after their death. When creating your will, you can do this yourself or you can also get legal advice and help as they are not always straightforward.

What should I state in my will?

•  Who you would like to benefit from your will

• Who you would like to look after your children if they are under 18

• Who is going to sort out your estate and also carry out your wishes after your death

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Do I need legal advice when writing my will?

There are several reasons as to why you may need legal help and advice when writing your will. Some of which include:

• You have a business in your name

• You own property overseas

• You wish to leave any of your money, property or possessions to an individual who cannot care for themselves

• You share a property with someone that is not your wife, husband or civil partnership

Where do I keep my will?

It is up to you as to where you keep your will. It can be kept in many places including:

• With your solicitor

• At your bank

• With a company that offer the storage of wills

However, you should make the person you have chosen to carry out your will aware as to where your will is.

How do I know if my will is legal?

You will be legal if you:

• Are over 18 years of age

• Make it voluntarily

• Write your will in writing

• Sign it with the presence of two witnesses who both must be above the age of 18

•  Allow your two witnesses to sign it